KA32 v 1.02 no touchdown sound

at least i can’t hear it !
P3D4.5 (hotfix2)




I’ll have a try at reproducing this with the FSX version.
By the way, version 1.02 is out? I have not read anything about it so far. Have I missed something?

i bought it from the Simmarket and there available for download
nd_ka32a_fsx_102.exe and nd_ka32a_p3d_102.exe


Thx Felix.
My account on Nemeth Designs Shop mentions v1.01 only.

Tamas, does your eshop need an update or is the v1.02 restricted to Simmarket only?

PS : By the way, I have just noticed that no VC click sounds play whatsoever!

YES, I would like at the end have a resoponse. on my problems with KAMOV32A, that I bought on januari 2020 by Nemth Designs ! Untill now I got NO answers, NOT any solutions ?! When will it be ??? :disappointed_relieved: