Ka-32A bugs listing

Hello Nemeth Designs and fellow Helix pilots!

I would first like to say “köszönöm” (thank you in Hungarian) to ND for developping helo addons for FSX/P3D, especially the Ka-32 which is my favorite chopper (along with the Ka-26).
It looks very nice in FSXA, and should be a real pleasure to fly (I have just had a very short flight above Vancouver Island after a Ctrl-E start).

In order to help Tamas fixing the small bugs that always slip through the final quality checks, I think it might be useful to list them all here.

Everything I mention is relevant for the FSXA version.

  • The manual is stored in a “FSX/Ecosystem/Nemeht Designs” folder which is VERY unnatural (I had to install the P3Dv4 version in a temp folder to find it!). It would much more convenient to install the manual to a “FSX/Nemeth Designs” folder.

  • C-FIGR livery : the registration in the VC reads “C-FIGS” instead of “C-FIGR”

  • The tooltip for one of the RH engine levers (I can’t remember if it’s the cutoff one or the other one) reads “LH … lever” instead of “RH … lever”

  • The starter sound plays in external views every time I switch from VC to external view

  • After an autostart, switching all lights on with the L keystroke doesn’t work

These are the first things I have noticed so far, I will update the things as I fly more hours in the bird.

Thank you again for this very nice looking Kamov,

Cheers from France

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I have bought 3 weeks ago, and I got NO sight of the KAMOV 32 A ! I don’t see nor the Heli, nor the interior, nor the exterior of the HELI ? I only see the environment !
even in P3v4 and in FSX SE, I have no IMAGES ?! Please can somebody help me, what was I doing wrong ? or how can you give A SOLUTION ?
greetings A. de Sutter.

There is an mistake by dowloading of the KAMOV 32 => I’ve uninstall, with the consequence that the parking-brakes don’t work any more ! Have I to do repair on my P3Dv4 ? but I have NO P3Dv4,5 !
Please answer me !