Just wanted to say hello. New to helicopters, but not to sims

Hello all!

I’ve been flying fixed-wing in MSFS and DCS for a while now, and want to get into rotaries. My cheap TM16000 HOTAS wasn’t going to cut it for rotary flying, so after getting a nice little ‘fun money’ check this month I decided to invest in some Virpil gear.

I was looking at the VPC SharKa-50 Control Panel, wondering how suitable it would be for rotaries in MSFS and DCS, and also serve as a throttle quadrant for fixed-wing in those two sims as well.

I couldn’t quite justify getting a dedicated collective, as that control is a bit too specialized for my budget, especially considering how much I’m already spending on the Constellation Alpha Prime grip, Mongoose CM3 base, 200mm extension, and desk mount. And of course I’m going to need to upgrade my cheap rudder pedals soon enough… :wink:

Sergio Costa’s review helped immensely, and pushed me into the purchase, especially since Virpil has a 15% bundle offer going on until October 15th.

Happy to be here. Happy hovers!


Virpil setup is way out of my budget once we do currency conversion and shipping, but curious to know how you’ve experienced MSFS Rotor, whats the primary help you fly etc.


Late reply, I know…
I had to cancel that order due to a medical expense.
However, I recently placed a new order, including a Virpil TCS Rotor Plus, the Shark-A grip, the T-50CM3 base, and the Alpha grip (non Prime.) Anxiously waiting on delivery.
I own a few helicopters in FS2020, but haven’t set foot in any of them. Even though I know they can flown with an Xbox controller, I didn’t want to start flying them without a proper cyclic/collective setup.