Joystick settings for anti-torque

Some advice please. I have several hundred hours flying helicopters on ‘that other sim’ and just moved to msfs. Flying fixed wing I am not having any difficulty with any of the control surfaces but on helicopters I seem to have no control of the tail rotor. Can you please advise what you have your controls mapped to for control of the tail rotor. I am using the logitech x-56 (yes I know some of you hate it) and just want to map the twist grip on the joystick to control anti-torque. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have my pedals set to ‘Tail Rotor Axis’, and, at least for the Puma, Reverse Axis is ticked.

I don’t know if this would cause the issue you’re seeing since I’ve never used them, but make sure your helicopter assists are off. Options > Assistance Options > Piloting > Helicopters: Assisted Tail Rotor.

Thank you for responding, I’ll give that a try