Joystick response curves for helis?

i’ve been flying helos in DCS World for a little over a year. Have had a few x-plane helos, but never really spent much time in them and am now looking to change that.

in DCSW, i’ve used Chuck’s Guides to help get Curves and Saturation dialed in so that all the helos there are reasonably controllable using the short-throw gaming HOTAS we’re stuck with…

but i’m kinda having problems figuring out how to translate those settings from DCSW to x-plane in terms of what does what, and getting a similarly usable control configuration. Seems like there’s more options and different UI/UX…

if any of you have a decent Response Curve setup for your x-plane helos, would you mind sharing? mostly concerned about Cyclic controls (Pitch & Roll).

Thanks in advance!

I personally use zero for all the curves and stability settings

That depends on your own hardware and the helicopter itself.

Like @lonespace I also have no curves and all stability settings set to zero.

I always take the approach in beginning with reduced maximum Y-values for pitch and roll.
That flats the curve and reduces sensitivity.
But as already said, it depends on your hardware and the used add-on as well.

Biggest thing is to have a stick extension of some type (I know, it costs money). It takes care of most of the issues. Particularly on the Gazelle and the twitchier helis.