Introducing myself

Thanks for creating the Helisimmer Forum, Sergio good catch, Mate! I really miss Hovercontrol, so Good Luck with your new baby.

And Hi to all who’ve already joined - I’m Dai, from Wales, UK - been a serious rotorhead since the DodoSim 206 (was that really 10 years ago?!?), fan of the Komodo kit and still aiming to master the DCS Huey!

Look forward to seeing you around.

Cheers - Dai. :sunglasses:

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Dai! It’s so good to see you here with us! Thanks for joining and thank you very much as well for your kind words. I hope you like it here, mate!


Hi Sergio. Congrats for finally adding a forum to your awesome page. I have been a flight simmer since 1983. Yes… I was on the dark side until heli flying became my passion some two years ago. Looking forward to share experiences on X-Plane and on Mac. Keep NOE flying. How do we become patreons?

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Thank you very much David. I’m thrilled to see you here.

You can became a patron here: Please let me know if you have any issues.

Thank you for considering supporting us. It’s much appreciated.

Hi all, I’m a long time reader of Helisimmer, always appreciated Sergio’s work keeping up to the helicopter related news. I never got round to signing up for comments, but I’m glad we have a forum now. Looking forward to chatting with everyone in this small but passionate community of helisimming enthusiasts.


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Hey John! Welcome to the forum! It’s great having you here. I hope we see more posts from you and that you enjoy the community here as well :slight_smile:

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perhaps already known from other forums and FB groups, I also registered here.
As a long-time developer of devices and prototypes, who also did RC model building, I like to share my knowledge and experience in building controls and other things that can be used for home cockpits.

regards yogi

It’s awesome to see you here, @yogi149! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Dutch guy reporting in :grinning:

(The guy from the FB page who’s always asking technical questions :sweat_smile: )

Bin playing flightsims on and off since I was young (and smart)
When X-Plane 11 was released, it all got a little out of hand.
If I’m not trying to figure out how to make X-Plane run better, or get scenery to work together , I’m flying either helicopters, twin engine GA’s or business jets.

Hi Marco, Welcome. I spent a few years in Holland myself.

Been following FB for a while and have been into Helisimming for about 9mths. Tried Rift S and had to go that way, amazing. Thanks Sergio for all your hard work this is such a valuable resource for a beginner. Lots to learn and this forum will be great .
Thanks again

Hi Sergio. Tried to become a Patreon, but when I hit “payment” it “keeps thinking” and nothing happens.

Never mind. It worked after the third try. It must be because there is a postal code attached to the cc info.

Thank you very much, David. You are now recognized as a patron here on the forum as well.

Great job Sergio, your skills and dedication can be seen on how well done this is, thanks a lot!

My name is Santiago from Nimbus Simulation Studios, as some of you might know we are the developers of the UH-1 (among many other addons).


@Nimbus_Simulation welcome, Santiago!!!

Hey all,
I got started in Sims a while back with falcon 4.0 and only recently got back into them when I started flight school. I’m now a CFI and VR helicopter sims are a really fun way to get free experience. Plus I get to do all the stupid things that would otherwise be too dangerous in the real thing.
Heli simmer has been an awesome resource and the new forum finally got me involved in the community!

Looking forward to engaging with all you rotor heads!

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