Interview with Microsoft - what's MSFS 2024, helicopters, and the future of MSFS 2020

Initial note: I could not do this without the support of those that have contributed financially to I have to thank all of you that, throughout the last year have pitched in so I could be at FlightSimExpo (yes, it took me a year to save for this trip).

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FANTASTIC interview - definitely one of the most informative of all that i’ve seen.

And from what they shared with you, it’s clear that v2024 is going to be a tremendous and worthwhile step forward!

Many thanks!


I’m glad you liked it and that you found it to be useful! Thank you very much for your feedback.

Let’s see what the future holds for us!

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Hi Sergio, thank you very much for this readable interview and all those informations. Seems that rotorheads take the lead in flightsimming :rofl:
A special thank to you for taking our community questions (specially AI :wink: ) to MS and Asobo. Very exciting about the near future.


Hey Stephan! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview! I loved that I was able to do it – and I have to thank everyone that somehow supports us (even by just reading our content since that always adds a few more cents).

Well, if there’s something rotorheads are is persistent! :wink:

We keep on asking until someone answers :stuck_out_tongue:

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