Hughes 500E Need help with Pilot Position

Love the 500 E and the product and the quality, but I seem to have an issue with the placement of the pilots head. I’m sure this is something on my end as I have been doing a lot of searching and not finding anything about it. So the pilots point of view (his head) is sitting in the middle of the cockpit. My head is at the right height, angle, everything else, it’s just in between the pilot seat and the copilot seat literally in the middle. Is there something i need to do to fix this, is there something i can do to help get this fixed. I’m not afraid of dabbling with a cfg file if needed(I used to do that way back in the FSX days) but I need to know where it would be with MSFS2020.

I have a similar issue in one of the HPG H145 liveries (the Luxury one I think), where the default view is pointing down and to the right. I have not been able to figure out how to fix this, and it’s been going on for months (I just fly other liveries). If your installation did not always do what you describe, I would suggest removing the 500 from your community folder and then re-install it. I’m going to try that tomorrow, in fact.

Thanks for your response. I haven’t checked the other liveries, i will do that and see if they are different. Yea not really all that flyable with the cockpit panel square in my face, it’s like trying to hover in the Spirit of St. Louis LOL!! I did send a support ticket in to Cowan Sim about a week ago, hoping to hear something back soon. I of course did do the re-install thing a couple of times, no change. Yea I have the H145 as well and no problems with it on my end, hope it works for you.

Make sure in sim settings your horizontal and vertical camera views are centered. 50/50 is default. I like my head higher in this Heli around 80-85, to be about eye level with the compass on the windscreen pillar.

Maybe your main view got deleted or overwritten. You can always change the default view for any aircraft by CTRL + F10 to save new view. And Shift + F10 to reset view.