HTR profiles

Hey folks. I think I have nagged you about this before, but here it goes once again (perhaps we can have other users pitch in as well).

Have you considered releasing HTR profiles for your helicopters? You know the flight dynamics for helicopters in P3D is not exactly brilliant. By having good profiles, you’d increase the value of your products for sure, with a very low investment on your end.

Especially now that you have a relationship going on with Fred Naar because of Airland, I think it could be amazing for everyone.

Thanks for listening :smile:

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Good question.

Yes, we had a short discussion about this with Fred earlier and this is definitely in the air. But of course we don’t want to distract him too much from his own project if possible.

Will see what will come out of these plans.

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I think it’s more about you being able to get the time to do it than to actually ask Fred, I’d say. Although you’d probably have to ask him for some clues and tips here and there as the configuration system for HTR is not exactly the easiest in the world.

Good thought.

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It could even be that some enterprising members of our community could supply profiles to be used as a starting point to be tweaked by yourselves?