HPG to support AirlandFS as optional flight dynamics on their H145 for MSFS

Options are always something nice to have. Especially if you can give your audience something they feel more comfortable with – or something new to explore.

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I am new to this and wonder what the benefit is of using AirlandFS for flight dynamics on the H145. Thanks

It will eventually be a personal choice. I personally have some issues with the HPG flight dynamics that I know AirlandFS covers. I’m not saying the AirlandFS dynamics will be “better” (I haven’t tried them on the H145) but they may be my choice because it may fix the things I dislike on the HPG flight dynamics.

AirlandFS has been under development for over 10 years so, at least, you know you have all that experience behind it.

Thank you!

No problem! I hope I helped :slight_smile:

Hello Sergio,
I’m a DCS user (Mi-8, Ka-50) and I’m looking for a good solution to fly in a realistic manner helicopters in FS2020 for some non-that-military environment. Since I don’t like the Bell 47, do you think this one can fit the need of realistic “feeling” of flying an helicopter?

That’s a hard one since helicopters are not exactly mature in MSFS.

You have the Hype Performance Group H145 which is quite good, for example. I have to say I don’t agree with the pricing but if you can look past that, it’s a nice helicopter. There’s also the freeware R44 which, while not perfect, it’s pretty nice.

The helicopter scene in MSFS is still quite young and it needs to progress a lot more. Third-party developers have done an excellent job in bringing their helicopters to the market – and both the B47 and the H145 are definitely the best projects out there – but I would not put all my chips into the sim right now.

X-Plane is still my go-to sim for helicopters. I enjoy helicopters in MSFS and I have most of them (including the B47 and H145) but I don’t spend that much time in the sim. I hope Microsoft and Asobo change my mind in the future because scenery and terrain are definitely a huge plus in their sim, which makes a stunning amount of difference for us that fly low and slow.