Hill HX50 is coming to X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator

Hill Helicopters is set on creating the path for a new generation of helicopters with their first model, the HX50, which is quite a revolution in many ways.

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I think the HX50 project is very interesting. Still a bit out of reach for most private owners, but the certified version to follow could be promising for owner/operators.

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I am looking forward to this release for x-plane.

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I will be flying the HX50 with a delivery date in 2026 with my associate. Please include me in the release info. I have X-Plane and will be ready when this model is active. Thank you.

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I’m going to be flying the Hill HX50 in real life and intend to build a home non-motion SIM using X-Plane 12. I have a simple VR X-Plane 11 set up now.
I truly wish you or someone could recommend some mid-level quality helicopter controls that would provide a good system for the HX50. Or, what is the best forum for me? I’m techy, but not this techy to get it right the first time.
At the moment, I fly both Robinson and Engstrom helicopters IRL.
Thank you Sergio…

Hey Sam. Considering how different controls on the HX50 are and that no one has actually try them – so we don’t know how they feel – this may prove to be a difficult task. On the other hand, the truth is that there aren’t that many control sets on the market and they are either specific to a certain model or very generic.

And, of course, no one made anything specifically for the HX50.

Having this said, my recommendation for the HX50 would be the same I recommend to anyone else looking for generic controls. Either the Pro Flight Trainer Puma X or some VIRPIL controls. Both are good solutions.

Very good suggestions. I wish I had more experience assembling the whole rig. Take care,

The actual computer or just getting the controls running?


I’m probably buying the X-Plane, https://xforcepc.com/ PC. Below is the PC spec and is the same computer the owner of X-Plane uses.

The issue I have is I cannot find a “complete” set up specification. So many people have built custom home SIMs, but I have to start from scratch. I will be buying the Puma X. I thought 3-monitors and a good VR system. I currently have a Oculus Quest 2 but I’m interested in better resolution and hand-tracking.

No matter what help you may provide, I am thankful. I’ve tried to scan various forums.

Once I have all these parts and I find the monitor rail mounts, etc. Then I’ll have to wire it all together and start mapping controls.

Thank you Sergio,

Sam Console

US, Pennsylvania

That looks like a plan. I’m a bit puzzled about the 3 monitors, though, but I am guessing you will want to use it for non-VR as well, of course.

I use a Reverb G2 but HP stopped manufacturing it. I tried a Pimax at FlightSim Expo but they didn’t have it set up correctly so I wasn’t having the best experience. I am hoping I will be able to review another headset (can’t say which one as it’s not set on stone) within the next few weeks and I may be able to give you some feedback on that. It may take a few weeks since the company is coming out with some news about it as well.

If you get the XForce and the Puma, it’s all pretty much a matter of plugging it, setting it up and go. The VR headset will give you a bit more of work but it’s the usual with this stuff. Still, you should have no issues there.

If you can, hold the VR decision for a few weeks (4-6 maybe). I am not 100% sure about what’s coming from that manufacturer but I would wait a bit and see.

Thank you. We will hold off for a bit on the VR side. Yes, this student of mine wants to fly with monitors at first. The existing VR made him sick, so he will build up to it.

Stay in touch and thank you,

If he is new and wants to build up, I would recommend starting him with a fixed wing aircraft instead so he gets his “feet wet” with a stable type of aircraft.

Check out these tips I published some time ago: https://www.helisimmer.com/articles/5-tips-fight-motion-sickness-vr

I will do that, great idea. I’ve been taking up a bunch of your time but one hopefully last question…

Do you recommend a particular flight chair to pair up with the Puma controls?

Anything I learn I will happily share. When I have the HX50 up and running, I can write a review for or with you? I have been writing reviews for a while and have published a book in 2011 about my tour in Iraq. I do technical writing and also fly the simulators at the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ.


Don’t worry about it. I love to be able to help. Keep those questions coming.

There’s no particular chair I could recommend. I actually use an office chair since my simming space is the same space I use for working but I know PFT is talking to at least a couple of chair manufacturers. I don’t know when that could be a reality. So, for now, I’d say any good chair could work. Just know that you may need to do some adapting, especially for the collective.

Let me show you something I saw at the Blackbird booth at FlightSimExpo.

That’s a Next Level Racing Boeing chair with the Pro Flight Trainer collective unit + a box attached. I am sure something like this + the rest of the unit at the front would be possible. PFT will be more than happy to help you set it up (Chris is a fantastic guy and he will help with antyhing I can’t myself – especially with hardware parts).

Absolutely. If you are OK with our format, that would be fantastic!