Helicopter specific addons/mods


After muddling around for too long with half decent helicopters in FSX and P3D I decided to go for a more realistic experience in Xplane.
Last weekend I bit the bullet and installed Xplane and bought the Dreamfoil 407 in the Xplane.org-store sale.

Since I am completely new to Xplane I’m intrigued but also a bit overwhelmed by the amount of mods and addons available for Xplane.

Are there any essential mods, (training) scenario’s, plugins, Lua-scripts, utilities etc. that you would recommend specifically to enhance helicopter flying in Xplane?


Hi there. Welcome to the forums.

I will tell you my personal preference. A lot of people will throw a huge list of “must-have” addons. I don’t personally follow that path.

I installed some orthophoto textures (Ortho4XP), looked for a couple of airports in my region, got the 407 and other helicopters over time and that’s pretty much it.

Filling X-Plane with plugins makes the sim slower and you get a higher chance of the software crashing. It’s also easier for me to maintain it.

The only thing I really pay attention to is scenery in the regions I want to fly at.

I’ve learned that the simpler everything is, the more time I spend simming instead of having to fix or tweak stuff.

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Very valid point indeed. Thanks for your reply Sergio!

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You’re welcome. That is my personal take on it. I used to have lots of cool stuff on my sims when I was younger (not that I am THAT old) but over time I realized it’s just not worth the hassle for me.

“Keep it simple” has worked wonders. I have a backup of my scenery and aircraft and if I need to reinstall, I just need to install the sim, copy the aircraft and scenery (and possibly a plugin or two if I’m using one for anything a bit more specific – like missions or sling loading) and I’m all set.

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I completely agree…I guess wisdom comes with age… :wink:
I have that problem with P3D…too much eyecandy, tweaks and mods that made the sim slow and a pain to maintain and up to date.

Thanks for preventing me from making the same mistake with X-plane. :+1: :+1:

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Happy to be of help :slight_smile:

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