H125 MSFS power indicator flickering, blades freezing

I recently bought the H125 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and I would like to report a few potential bugs that I encountered, but first I would like to congratulate you for this product. The H125 is one of the helicopters I had the pleasure of seeing often while I was growing up, and that certainly had a big impact on my passion for these machines, being able to fly this in MSFS in the same locations is truly wonderful for me. The realistic flight characteristics, the wide range of liveries and other customization options really make it stand out, great job!
As for the potential bugs:

  1. In external view the main and tail rotor occasionally freeze and stop spinning (visually) for a couple of seconds. This may be due to limitations in my hardware but it is unlikely as everything else seems to be running relatively smoothly when this happens.

  2. In external view the set power indicator (purple arrow) on the bottom left tends to flicker or vary widely without me touching throttle or collective controls. Although this happens continuously while I am not touching the collective, the helicopter remains stable and its actual power is not varying.The gauges in the cockpit view are relatively stable.This doesn’t happen with any of the stock MSFS helicopters. The throttle axis on my joystick is bound to the collective axis.

The helicopter is up to date to version 1.0.2.

Thank you for the kind words!

The animation for the rotors is dependent on fps, so if your hardware is struggling with a low fram rate, then it will look flickery. It’s just syncing up with the rpm and frames like a real camera does. Same thing if your frames are ridiculously high. I worked out better math for XPlane with those animations but have not changed the MSFS versions since the bluring looks decent. I might take time to touch them all up.

The HUD instrument overlay in chase view has bugs. I’m going to change that to a different style later this year. I find it annoying and have absolutely zero use for it. So I always have it off in assistance settings. Feels like an arcade game and ugly with replays/videos. Things that dont happen in other helicopters don’t help. That’s true because they are 100% different.

As the product page mentioned, throttles for helicopter turbines should NOT be used with hardware. The governor code is not right until Asobo/Microsoft fixes that. No asix mapped and use the mouse and roll to max. Helicopter pilots dont control the throttle in 99% of helicopters, the governor does it automatically.

Same thing with the airplane throttle mapped causing the collective to move. I don’t make any of that. That is Asobo. The developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. There are throttles specifically for helicopters. You should not be trying to use an airplane throttle. They are different and regular throttle has been collective ever since day one of Microsoft/Asobo releasing helicopters.

Hoep that helps,


Thank you very much for the helpful feedback!

I had no idea that you went as far as simulating the actual rotation of blades even at high rpm, that is great! In that case, although a touch-up may be beneficial, it is expected behavior due to frame rates and rpm syncing.

Thank you, I would really appreciate it if the HUD was fixed in the future. I know it’s definitely unpopular with regular sim players generally, but personally I do enjoy using it from time to time. Definitely not a priority so I understand 100%.

Yes I am aware of the issues surrounding helicopter throttle in MSFS, and know that it is fully on Asobo to sort that. My wording may have been a bit misleading, but I did set my controls as it is generally recommended by helisimmers :+1:

Thank you very much again and good luck on all of your future work, keep it up!

No worries!! And thank you too!