H125 instruments Fuel Flow and Endurance are unreadable

I recently purchased your H125 version 1.0.2 from the MSFS Marketplace.
I’m not a real helicopter pilot and understand the flight model is excellent from reports I’ve read.

I’m very happy with the product, except for the unreadable Fuel Flow and Endurance readouts, that prevent you from easily estimating the expected fuel required to continue. They appear to rapidly change value and I expected them to be reasonably stable.
I hope you can update the helicopter to fix this issue.

Idle (readable)

Flight (unreadable)

Thank you!!!

I can probably fix that by using a larger range so they settle down a bit. They do change rapidly due to being tied directly to fuel flow.

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I would like to ask if there is already a solution for the problem with the flickering numbers.

Thank you for the excellent work.

Hey there. No there is not yet. And its not possible for a user since that is cpp/wasm.