H125 cockpit upgrade?

Hello, I’m loving the 125. It’s almost all I fly anymore!

I was wondering, are there any plans to upgrade the cockpit with digital displays? I’ve been looking at pictures of real 125s and a lot of them these days seem to have real nice glass cockpits with multifunction displays filling out the panel. Or at least a mix of older style gauges with the displays (like a nice big map panel on the left of the panel).

Just curious, seems like it would be a great addition.

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I’m definitely looking into that. It’s very in-depth work, though. So, default panels are always on top of the list. I think the advancement of the sim will remedy that. Im not a big team so its nearly impossible for me.

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Thanks, Joshua for including the glass gauges in V2.0 of the H125. They are working great.