Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a work in progress and we will add more content as we go.

What is this forum about?

This forum is about helicopter flight simulator. It’s part of and it’s a place where you can discuss, share, ask for help or provide assistance to other members as far as it’s related to helicopter flight simulation.

We mainly talk about helicopter flight simulation as a hobby but we also have room for professional usage of sims.

What kind of content can we post?

Everything that is related to helicopter flight simulation, of course. Text, images, video, etc… Just don’t rip other people’s work (meaning, give credit when credit is due).

I’m not sure where to place my thread. What should I do?

Either contact one of the moderators or place it on the General Discussion thread (this one) and add a note so that moderators know you were confused and don’t see you as a spammer. We will help you out.

Can I advertise my product here?

Please contact one of the moderators or the admin regarding this. We usually don’t allow for advertising but announcing products may be OK. Please check with us first.

Can I post links about pirated products?

If you need to ask that, you shouldn’t probably be part of this community. Please leave.