FlyInside Bell 47 for Microsoft Flight Simulator released

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the first payware helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been under development for some time. FlyInside has been hard at work to bring the classic Bell 47 to the sim!

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Wow, this is a tricky beast to fly! I am very out of practice, but I agree MSFS is made for helicopter flying in VR, so this is going to be the motivation to get back in! Any tips on handling this thing? On my first attempts I was letting go of the cyclic to let it settle down, so I’m obviously over controlling it…


and so we discovered that with FS2020 you cannot go under the bridges! :grinning:

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There are a few tips but the simplest one would be to check out the settings that FlyInside lets you change (especially the cyclic sensitivity). As we all use different controllers, we may need to tweak things a bit.

As with any helicopter, though: sometimes it’s more about the pressure in the stick than the actual movement. Having that said, I too feel she may be a bit too sensitive sometimes.

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Yep. It’s something they need to fix for sure!

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I remember my training in a real R22. It’s some time ago, but with the Bell and VR it feels very similar and makes me extremely happy!

I only miss the handling with 3D controllers like in X-Plane 11 VR.

I’ve been watching RotorSimPilot’s excellent preview video:
and so yes, I think I need to go back to basics and try the easy mode first… I’ll also be getting a new (old) joystick which should be better for helicopters. It’s a Microsoft Sidewinder force feedback; I’m not bothered about feedback (although that would be nice) but I like it for the range of movement and lack of a centring spring

I noticed it seems to roll around the left skid…not the hub. Any thoughts on this?

Well I think the realistic option is unrealistic as s it seems to me there is too much latency in control input versus the inertia of this helicopter.

I fly real helicopters and at the standard settings with a Komodo joystick it does not represent a small helicopter with VR its way to hard to hold it without oscillating .

Medium is more realistic in my view .