Flying into 2020

Happy New Year pilots!

What simulator related things are you most looking forward to in 2020? I’m sure there are a few nearly everyone will agree on, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. We just have to hope we get helicopters in that sim this year!

I’m very much looking forward to the DCS Polychop Kiowa, the Gazelle FM update, and the DCS Mi-28. The DCS engine update and weather rework are theoretically coming this year as well which is very exciting.

On a more personal note I expect to get my Huey cockpit finally finished this year. I’m pretty sure all my major setbacks are behind me at this point but there’s still a huge amount of work to do!

Once that is done I also look forward to making my return to X-Plane to enjoy the Nimbus UH-1H.

On the fixed wing front I also look forward to learning carrier ops on the DCS F-14, and hopefully the release of the DCS P-47 which is an aircraft my father worked on back in the 40’s and is one of his favorites.

I look forward to reading what everyone else is most excited about for 2020. =)


Microsoft Flight Simulator is what I’m more curious about. Microsoft’s promise to “so the properly” and ask our community for help in doing so is exciting. Considering my experience with the sim in September, it should be a great sim for the rotorheads.

Obviously, the Kiowa is a project that I’ve been following with great interest.

I’d like for Miltech-5 to finally get a partner to help them develop the Bo-105.

And I am extremely curious to see what VSKYLABS will come up with regarding the Robinson family (and what they will do after that).

There are also some other developers that seem to be interested in start working with helicopters.

2020 should be interesting for sure.

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I’m looking forward to getting a new PC this year to replace my potato. Then I can explore X-plane, DCS, Aerofly and eventually the new MSFS with a good frame rate and maybe even VR!

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Miltech announced a partnership with Razbam on Christmas Eve.

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Yeah we announced that on the website but the contracts are not signed yet and they were talking to Heatblur before that. Things can still go wrong.


Sergio ,
Have you heard anything in the rumor mill of a developer working on the Bell 505 helicopter. the Bird has been out for a while now.

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Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations is working on one for FSX and P3D. It may see the light of day in X-Plane if ERS manages to pass it on to an X-Plane developer.

The hard part is the G1000. It has some specific components for the 505. You can get away with the generic one but I am guessing you won’t be able to follow checklists that way.

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yeah, there is a lot of flyers not well verse in the G1000 and it will present a learning curve for them. Fortunately Glass panels are becoming the norm for most new aircraft releases so they’ll learn them one way or the other.

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The developer of the Bell 429 contacted me recently requesting use of various parts from the Bell 206-19 (primarily the FMOD package) so we can assume that the 505 is underway for X-Plane

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It is, yes. Thomas confirmed that. Thanks for helping him out if you managed to do that. We all have to gain from that sharing :slight_smile:


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Looking forward to finally finishing my 3D printed flight controls which had been a fantastic project with LOTS of learning all over the place.
Also looking forward to hopefully getting my hands on the new FS SDK as I continue to learn more about the XP SDK.

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LOL I just saw this thread in my notifications and thought “Hey, that’s a good thread idea. I’d like to post my thoughts on that.”

I clicked the link, scrolled to the top to check the OP and make sure I’ve got the right idea and I see ‘Trip Rodriguez’. :confused: It sucks having a broken brain, but it is sometimes amusing! I feel like nobody believes me when I tell them I really did forget something, and not intentionally “forget”. Here is the proof LOL.

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Well at least you know you can leave yourself little “surprises” to find later :smiley: