DCS Helo wish!

I should have asked Santa for this…

Anyone remember Jane’s Longbow and Longbow 2?? I LOVED those sims! I just got the DCS Huey last week and have been getting my feet wet with it. I would love to see a DCS version of the Apache! I know that the Kiowa is in development, and ya…will most likely get that when it’s released. Almost an Apache :wink:


Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll see an Apache with that level of detail for some time. Perhaps an Alpha model in a few years but I seriously doubt it.

I agree with you, though, it would be a lot of fun!

With the Kiowa in the works, imagine muliplayer with an AH-64A!

Oh yeah that would be amazing. But I think it will be great to be able to work with the fast movers. We can buddy-lase for them!

THAT would be awesome. My rudder pedals have just been delivered! Can’t wait to get out of work and get home.

What did you get?

The Thrustmaster TFRP.

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Oh yeah! You posted the hydraulic mod video, right?

Nope, wasn’t me. No videos…until I’m much better. lol

A Facebook Group member posted a video with a very cool video showing an hydraulic damper mod for those pedals. I thought it was you.

Latest DCS Newsletter has this:

The Hind is coming this year - excellent!

Cheers - Dai. :sunglasses:

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sometime ago there were some not official plans… take a look:
last ED tab

My Pedular pedals are over 1 year old now and I never have to think about it, always accurate, sturdy and never have to think that it might break. I used to buy new plastic pedals every year. What a pleasure to own these. I removed 1 spring in the back and works for planes and helicopters.