CTD : random but from 15 to 40 minutes

Anyone have CTD with 222B ?

I can fly with Goose (from BigRadial) very long trips (2 to 6 hours) without issue.
I can fly with vanilla Guimbal CabriG2 more then 3 hours (with or without VR Quest 2).
I can fly with PBY (from FrenchVFR) 2 hours without issue (without VR).
With 222B, if lucky : 40 minutes :confused: if unlucky : 15 minutes :face_with_diagonal_mouth: ALWAYS without VR.

List of Community addons:

  1. a-mamudesign-powerlines
  2. a-mamudesign-solarfarms
  3. ambitiouspilots-toolbar-pushback
  4. bigradials-livery-goose-COMMANDO
  5. bigradials-Scooper 245
  6. corstens-hangar-gamod-models
  7. corstens-hangar-gamod-offline-world-overhaul
  8. cyg-asoboui
  9. frenchvfr-canso-pby5a
  10. Ither-NoHandleBar
  11. JK_JRF_Goose_FrenchNavy_27F12
  12. mamudesign-scenery-highpylons
  13. mge-microsoft-aircraft-g-21
  14. mobiflight-event-module
  15. OboeShoes_G2CAFix
  16. pms50-instrument-gtn750
  17. pms50-gtn750WTT-aircraft-asobo-cabri
  18. sukagalihsim-pms50-instrument-gtn750-heli-icon-mod
  19. RV-livery-cabri-ultra-colour
  20. t0kenkiwi-monaco-heliport

My computer:

    1. i7-11700
  • 16Gb
  • 3060TI 8GB
  • nothing OC
  • VR not activated
  • Full M.2


Can you please describe the issue you’re referring to?

Random Crash To Desktop with Cowan 222B but not with others helis/planes

My guess would be a memory issue. 8GB Vram can get ate up quickly. The only other issue I know about is scenery with clock towers and that code clashing with the clocks in the helicopters. So I was told anyway.