CowanSim Bell 206 MSFS2020 Anomali Power Turbine and Rotor RPM

Dear Company CowanSim,

If I start the Bell 206 the Power Turbine and Rotor RPM Needle move together this is ok,

If I cut off the Fuel front Panel Fuel Switch.
The Power Turbine Needle match always, but I am not able to recover the Rotor RPM.

If I do Throttle down High Idle then sometimes I can recover the very slow Rotor RPM into the Slow Rotor RPM marked red line

If the Rotor RPM is very slow start it in a spiral dive down.

Might be a limit with the MSFS2020 I don’t know I bought all product from you and fly it in X-Plane 11/12 as well.

Tango Lima/Scorpion
Thomas Loe.

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That is a limitation of the sim right now. Using the correct sim variables doesn’t work since N2 and N1 just stay matched in sim data. So we had to tie both to the rotor rpm only. When Asobo fixes then we will fix.


You can see how both needles act and react as a reference if needed. Simulated Autorotation.

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I know exactly how it’s supposed to work. As explained, it’s a limitation of the sim. When Asobo catches up it will work how it’s supposed to. Not a lack of my understanding at all, it’s lack of possibilities with the simulator itself.


Cool, good.
I am the one was talk to you about the TH-57 on Facebook

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