Cowan Simulations shows the upcoming R66 for MSFS •

The R66 is the first (and, so far, the only) turbine helicopter from Robinson. The helicopter was used for the EPIC world tour by Mischa Gelb (Pilot Yellow) and Ruben Dias (I met both as they passed through Portugal), which demonstrated the reliability of this machine.

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I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed by Joshua Cowan, he starts a lot of project, but didn’t end correctly any of them, for exemple, the flight model of the H125 has still to be improved, the interiors textures, the PMS50 integration etc. etc. a lot has been promised but since nothing more, and I think it’s the same for all bell’s.

And a lot of models looks like they were simply converted from xplane … so he is searching to win money by selling a lot of awaited helicopters …

For exemple Taog’s is much more willing to update and fine tune the models he is creating.

That’s my point of view.


The official MSFS forum has posts from customers making the same complaints as @darkshine231 concerning the lack of updates for the Cowan Helis to correct well known issues.

For example the keybindings that do not properly work. The landing light switch off activating the spotlight or the Warning alarm not mapped to the sims keybinding for the B222.

So it really isn’t a matter of patience, it is a matter of following up on well known issues. I don’t know much about development time, but how long does it take to fix a keybinding issue? And regardless of the answer, one has to think that if a developer had time to work on a new model, then they certainly had time to fix an old one.

So you may “disagree”, but this is the consistent feedback nonetheless from paying customers. I own both the B206 and B222, and they both need to be updated. As you said “projects never end”, so then we should expect to see updates for reported issues that were not implemented correctly.

We really don’t want to have broken products in a sim for months, with no updates until the DEV find themselves in a position to want to sell a new product. That may not be your intention, but that is the message we are getting from this announcement.

I REALLY struggle to understand the pushy sentiment. I’ve dealt with it for years now. It’s why I need summer breaks. There is ALWAYS a handful of unhappy people. It does not matter if I work 16 hours a day all year. It STILL happens. I work 16 hours a day most of the year but since there’s always a group of unhappy people I have to take that break for my sanity. Because giving your all is never enough. I’m honest about it and I keep work happening all year long. X-Plane is the same. Push pull gripe all the time. If I work on MSFS then 100 people bug me about not working on X-Plane and vice versa. This is why devs usually don’t communicate with the communities. It’s impossible to keep 100% happy. Even when I literally tell people that we are working. We even know from this very conversation that the updates are almost done for ALL models. Still unhappy.


No argument from me, you obviously have all the answers, just no updates until now when you are ready to sell another product (showing how “you” chose to spend your development time).

Patience is subjective, and you are developing for a sim platform that has regular fixes/updates and competing against other Heli developers like Hype Performance Group who have regular fixes/updates. Therefore, it should be no surprise that your customers have an expectation that you at the least “fix” the issues with the Helis they already brought prior to releasing another heli that you want them to buy.

Nothing you say changes that reality.

This is not about a “pushy sentiment” or “educating people about development”, this is simply feedback. We all work hard and need “breaks”…but your products have been in need of “fixes” for months now.

For anyone else reading this: I will continue to develop new products every single year. Period. I will continue to update as well. It does not take much brain juice to realize that developers need to continue to work on new products while also supporting the previous ones. And yes that means releasing new products too. If not then you end up with ONE product and the show is over for good, failed business. No matter what market you’re in, this is pure common sense. The products will always need updates. So release one and that’s it right? Update it until the end of time… Okay… All companies have different cycles and speeds because we come in all different sizes. If 16 hours a day for most of the year and a full time dev all year is not enough then nobody can please people like the above. Understanding the development side of things and what is possible behind the scenes is a different story… Clearly misunderstood here as well. The fact is that work never stops. Updates were pushed out very quickly after each release. Like they always have been, starting with X-Plane. For the ones who appreciate the work, thank you. For the ones like these gripes, all you do is push devs away from this market and communicating with you. You don’t help at all with the demands. You are encouraging release and abandon behavior because us devs feel attacked. So if you want no support and no updates then act like these guys to all devs. That’s why there are so many devs like that out there. This right here alone is enough for me to stop communicating altogether. It put me in a bad mood all day and wasting my time typing this when I should be working on the screen below lol. That is the frustration it causes us. It’s like hearing your boss gripe that you are worthless for all the hard work you put in and not good enough to please him. I won’t be talking to anyone on here for quite some time if ever again. But I will be working. Thank you for the ones who support that.

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Nothing you said here changes the reality (and other forum complaints) regarding you fixing the longstanding issues with your helis, which is a “reasonable” expectation from paying customers, especially before wanting those costumers to buy a new one.

Regarding you calling me “ignorant”…sticks and stones may “break” my bones, but you still need to “fix” your Helis…

@CAPT_COWAN congrats on the new model. It looks fantastic.

Any plans on porting it over to X-Plane 12 later?

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Thank you. I do not want to step on VskyLabs toes with that one since he already has the R66 there. :slight_smile:

Muahaha indeed his helos are nice, but so are yours. Good luck with the project! I’m sure people will love it.

I’ll be waiting for your next project then. So many choppers would benift from a Cowan rendition…

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I see that you “finally” looked into issues that were raised in the MSFS forums months ago, but in your haste to save face, you missed some things…

Lights - The heli starts with the landing light on and the spotlight off. So when using the key bind, it turns the landing light off and spotlight on. So if the landing and spot light triggers are in sync, and obviously so, then it seems the Heli should load with both lights in sync from the start, don’t you think???

Now one can use the interface to align things (problem solved), but then that defeats the purpose of using key binds. Your Heli requires a fix ….

Warning – MSFS does offers several warning keybinds, and they “halfway” work with your heli for turning off the warning light and sound. The “issue” is that you have to “hold” the button for the warning to shut off, as opposed to it functioning as a an off switch. It is clear now that you did not “know” any of this. Your Heli requires a fix …

I get that key binds are difficult, and that you are no magician, but HPG has a whole suite of custom key binds for their Heli, so it is possible to implement these things. Or perhaps you did not “know” that or have not yet “learned” how to implement that.

Thanks for both defining the word ignorant and then “skillfully” showing that you lack knowledge and information etc. regarding the issues with “your” Heli, and the apparent key bindings offered in MSFS and how they currently function with “your” Heli.

So you can name call and label me all day, but it does not change the reality that fixes are long overdue for your helis. Now you said earlier that you were not going to discuss this with me any further, I think that you should stick with that plan and focus on the fixes / updates required for your Heli.

Let’s tone it down and keep it civil, folks, please.

Don’t normally comment on these things but just wanted to say keep doing what you’re doing. You make great stuff :slightly_smiling_face:
Looking forward to seeing more Cowan products for MSFS!

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