Cowan Simulation H125 available on the marketplace for PC and Xbox

First, we had a couple of scenery by Seafront Simulations, with some landable stuff in the ocean and now there’s a new helicopter to actually land with!

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Thanks for the feedback! It sounds like some code or something in that scenery is clashing with some code or something the helicopters use. But thay is very odd. I can’t magically fix that, and people can’t just blame me either. The scenery developers hold just as much, IF NOT MORE, responsibility to not be using aircraft code or something that would clash with ANY aircraft there is. So you should probably contact them about it. I’m not changing my code, that I need for the functionality of my helicopters, just for a scenery. They should change the scenery, if that’s what’s causing it. But if that’s not the case then it’s possible it’s due to memory. Custom scenery obviously uses a ton of system resources. Helicopters with tons of options also use a ton of resources.

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Hello Capt CowanI found the cause! I found it! had really sad days these days. Some serious trouble when flying to New York. Framedrops Avionik Display failure… CTD 's. After days of experimenting, i found the cause!
:point_right:FeelThere - KLGA - La Guardia International Airport

Deleted FeelThere AP and everything runs as it should.

Thanks f responding
You’re helicopters are amazing


I will have to look into that one. I wonder what they are using in the scenery. I would think they are using aircraft code or something to clash.

Thank you for reporting back!!


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I thank you for responding and taking care of it.
I love your helicopters and please go ahead and continue supporting Xbox.


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