Cowan MSFS 5000E Controls assignment?

Cowan newbee here.

I’m trying to get a reasonable mapping for the 500E on my ProFlight Puma (old version).
Whilst Cyclic and pedals are working as expected, I have difficulties to find the correct axis assignments for the collective and the “gas”.
Also I wonder if anyone has a good button/switch assignment already. :slight_smile:

Second question: Though my PC isn’t that old, it takes about 12 minutes to load the 500E.
The first two thirds. the progress bar runs smotthly as with all other airplanes, but the last third “takes forever”… :wink:

Any hints appreciated, thanks!


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Which SIM, I’m using X-Plane and I haven’t found the correct Throttle yet. I just start with it running. How lame and lazy is that? Mine loads in about 2 minutes and it is likely a RAM issue, I have 16GB. I’d like to hear your resolution please.

Sorry, I forgot to mention: MSFS

MoBo ROG Crosshair VIII
CPU Ryzen 9 4,12 GHz
NVidia GeForce RTX2080 Super with 3x 1600x1200
When loading the 500E, the CPU stays at around 30% and the GPU at <40%

BTW: In the meantime, I found Pro Flight Trainer Mapping in MSFS2020
which answers the obvious part of my question.
The unanswered part is: What’s the good place to map

  • turn grip
  • Idle release (cut off)
  • starter button


I had no problems with the starter button – it’s SET STARTER 1 (HOLD).

BUT for some lame reason, for any helis that use the CFD flight model that’s now built into the sim, there is no way to bind to the idle collar or the twist grip for fuel control. It’s incredibly annoying to have to use the mouse for these things when I’ve got all of this expensive hardware on hand (e.g. Virpil collective). I am guessing that this won’t be fixed until MSFS2024, but that’s just me being pessimistic I hope.

I learned yesterday that the FlyInside B206 does have this functionality, but I’m presuming this is b/c they’re using their own flight model.