Community member released fix mod for MSFS Bell 407

Despite an amazing start, no software’s first iteration is the best and that is noticeable with Sim Update 11 and helicopters. Of the 2 new free helicopters MSFS brings, the Bell 407 is the one that needs quite a bit more work.

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Olá Sergio,

Thank you so much for making this post about my Bell 407 mod. I have some cool things planned for it. I’m learning as I go and some of these updates might be bumpy but the goal is to make the best I can with the tools available.

I’m open to any questions too!


Thank you for doing it, Rafael. Cant’ wait to see what you’ll come up with next!

That is a great improvement, thank you very much !

As a proposal, I have the feeling that even collective pushed comletely down there is still some torque happening - as if collective does not go to zero completely

To have that fixed would be nice to have in your mod as well

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