Collective response MSFS

i got a question for you guys with more experience.
I just bought MSFS, been flying xp11 and 12 without problems.
I got aswell Cowan’s H125 and when i try this beauty, i get the collective response completely wrong, the power is either on or off, i can’t modulate and increase or decrease power gradualy…
I tried with the response curve but i can’t get a solution.
Anyone has a couple of tricks or ideas for me?

Are you talking about the torque or are you talking about the engine-power?

Concerning the enginge power the H125 is a bit special. This has been mentioned by Cowan already in the download instructions.
The H125 has not the typical collective grip that lets you adjust the engine-power. It acts more like a switch. It is eather in Idle position or in Flight. There is nothing in between.

Concerning the collective itself (means the torque as soon as you raise the collective) I have no issues at all. This works like in all other helicopters too. If you experience issues here, maybe you should check the axis in the keybinds if they need to be reverted or if you need to do adjustments in sensitivity.