Cold weather start and Engine Chip Test

I am new to helicopters with the 222B being my first one.

I have an issue where I can not get this helicopter started in very cold climates. I understand that you need to use the “Start Assist” but I haven’t found documentation on how to do this. My tries at using start assist have been fruitless. The ng goes up to about 10 and if I introduce fuel, the engine goes on fire. I can start it no problem in warmer climates.

Can anyone help me with the proper procedure in starting in cold climates. I was trying to start it in -15c.

Also during checklist it says ENGINE CHIP TEST - Check illumination of all chip light segments. Could someone explain this one to me. Thanks.

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@colinm44 I’m going to add this to the list and try to recreate the cold weather starting issue. Batteries are something to consider too. Were the battery overheat lights coming on at all? Sometimes if it takes a long time to get through the checklist with everything on then the batteries drain and you wont make it to 11-12%. I will work to find a solution.

The chip test button is located down by your left leg on the center console side panel. It’s right by the aux fuel gauge and toggles. When you push the test button then the chip lights will all illuminate.

Thanks for noting the cold start issue and have fun!


Thanks Josh, I have tried it again a few times and it’s started fine now. Not sure what the problem was earlier.

Thanks for the explanation of the chip test button.

This is my first try at helicopters and all I have to do now is not crash on landing… :slight_smile:

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We all crash all the time. The trick is to do it gently :wink:

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I have come to realize that I may have had the inverter and generators in the ON position. I have not had the problem since except one time I left them on. Duh.

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@colinm44 That would do it! :slight_smile: The gens and inverters have to be in off position when starting. Thank you so much for reporting back to me. That really helps a lot. I hope you have fun and expect updates as usual. The list is growing and working on a new project along with the 222s. Exciting stuff to come.

Have fun!