Cable protection against cat bite

Just watching Seregei’s live stream from yesterday… boy, I feel with you!! :-)) My cat has destroyed several cables like keyboard and mouse cables. I am mostly wireless now, except for my flightsimulator equipment. I recommend cable hoses like these - I have not a single meter of cable unprotected. The hoses would not withstand cat bite… but my cat simply isn’t interested in chewing on those, which is the best protection.

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Sergio’s cat is quite famous now.

I also like those sleeves but I prefer the ones without the split in the middle. And use shrinkwrap at the ends to hide the ugly splits. Good to know that cats don’t like them.

Yes I have the ones without the split in the middle in use, too. They come pretty “cheap” on a 50 m drum. They won’t work if the plugs are too thick, though (like power cables for instance).