Boston Virtual ARTCC launches a free, self-paced training program for virtual pilots

BOSTON – August 16, 2020 – Are you looking for more information about flying VFR through complex American airspace? Want tips on speaking with air traffic control? Looking for guidance on flying full approaches, holds, and other complex IFR procedures? Want to know more about RNAV? Starting today, members of Boston Virtual ARTCC on VATSIM can learn all about these topics and more, for free, with Wings Over New England (WINGS)!

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BVA may have updated and re-labeled the program, but this isn’t new, they have offered this training program for quite some time. The flights used to earn you the Vatsim P2 through P5 pilot ratings. As of August 18th, to coincide with the release of MSFS 2020, the Vatsim pilot ratings have been completely overhauled to more closely match real world pilot ratings. I am not sure if the BVA training program will continue to grant Vatsim pilot ratings under the new ratings requirements.