Best Heli Airport?

HI, I’m just starting out in XPlane with VR and getting my new system sorted and wondering what airport you can recommend ? can be payware …
I’m in OZ but did manage to meet Sergio in the UK last year at the Flight Sim show…
Since then I have ‘invested’ in a Rift S , Puma controls and a I7 9700, RTX2070, 32Gb machine… Very Impressed.

cheers, Art

Hey Art! It’s great seeing you here.

The best heli airport… Now that’s a tough one. I guess it depends on your own taste. I am partial to remote locations so something like Propstrike’s Quatam River is something I really enjoy.

Thanks for that,
I’m also thinking of writing an account of my VR / Flight sim experience culminating in a test flight in a real Helicopter in May this year , a Birthday treat for me. It will be very interesting to see what the instructor thinks of my skill level (or lack of !)


Mech, I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing myself. Would be very interesting after all my virtual flying.

I second the Quatam River suggestion. Be sure to take a look at the map and go see the secondary landing fields - especially the fire tower area across the lake to the NW of the main strip.

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Where abouts in OZ are your from Art? I’m in Melbourne and know a couple of other lads down here too.

P.S. For bush flying Quatam River is amazing! I can also recommend the Faroe Islands from Maps2XPlane as one of the main transportation methods between the islands is by Heli Service.

But really it all depends on where you want to fly. If you like flying in the UK then you might like to check out The Charity Scenery Project (blends in well with OrbX TrueEarth GB South) with their helipads (full disclaimer I help them transfer their scenery to XP).

There’s also the newly released HeliAples scenery on the org, anything by Frank Dianese (all mountain scenery in the French/Italian Alps, payware). Lots of cool places to fly.

What kind of flying do you like to do? Oh you might also what to check out the Heli Rescue Mission plugin on the org. I’ll update this post later tonight with links to all, at work currently :wink:

HI, I’m based in Sydney, I have bought Quatam river and have been exploring. I only recently found the ‘customise’ button in the airport menu that allows you to start at different locations nearby. I tried to fly to the fire tower from the printed map and became hopelessly lost / temporarily unsure of my location…!

I’m enjoying flying places that are recognisable to me, like Camden, Bankstown or Sydney airport. I believe it takes the Game aspect out of the sim and gives me a stronger connection ?? does that make sense ?

I spent some time in the UK last year so I might ‘invest’ in some more scenery from there.
I hope to progress to Mission type flying eventually.

At the moment I’m enjoying the whole VR package so much I haven’t even set up the appropriate buttons on my controller and not even thought about reading the instructions…

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Thanks for the recommendation, the ‘sim’ world is an amazing place,

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There’s some pretty decent NSW scenery available with a full overlay for Sydney (freeware) on the org as well. Sorry I didn’t post any links last night but got busy, will try find the Sydney stuff for you.

OK Quick search and found a BUNCH of stuff for Sydney. Be prepared though as this might send you down a rabbit hole, but we’re here to help :smiley:

If you have the space then this is OK, but can be a bit blurry for us Heli pilots:

wow, thanks for all the recommendations … There goes the next few weekends…

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Hi, I’m new to Xplane since the lock down and fly R22 & R44 (real ones :-)) normally, just redid my licence proficiency check over Zoom last week but haven’t flown for real since December ! If you want a challenging helicopter landing location - check out Courchevel LFLJ in France - fabulous place and great scenery, check out my video of flying over there from Megeve altiport which is another one way in / one way out altiport in the French Alps… I have to say, I am still mastering and tweaking the controls on the XPlane R66, fabulous graphics but I need help is saving custom changes… cheers, Dan

Wow, some great info here. From Sydney and also like “flying” in my local area, usually YSRI. Bit of topic, but has anyone built their own collective and want to show it off? Don’t have one and struggling to fly nicely. Well be checking out build section too… TIA