Bell 407 models that have issues

hey Tamas, it there an update to a fix to the Bell 407 on the 2 models that have IFR cameras. the Channel 7 one you can’t move camera angles up or down. and side to side motion reacts with the rudder pedals. All the other models work fine. I use ChasePlane for camera angles. Those are the only 3 I have issues with the ND_407_fr ones

the version I have is 102.exe if that helps.


Hi. Not that I know off. Besides in order to be interesting you would need a screen mounted on the panel like the v22. It would be awesome. The same applies for the 412.

That not what I meant. I’m saying I cannot pivot my views around in the cockpit. LOL. it’s like flying in a locked position. “not cool” to not be able to turn you head in a helicopter.


We were trying to implement a function on that version where you could have moved the viewpoint of the FLIR system but due to it’s inconsistent behavior we decided to drop it. Probably some of the coding remained in the system files however and perhaps you experiencing the effect of that.

So, does this happen with all means with which you could rotate the camera angle? I mean Joy hatswitch, mouse look keyboard commands, all have the same effect?

yep, Freezes it. all I can do is zoom in and zoom out. Is there something in the Panel I can cancel out until it’s fixed. It’s a shame because the FLIR camera seems to be functioning fine. I can see what’s ahead of me. All attempts, mouse , keyboard, joystick Hat all result the same. No up and down and no Left or right.

Hi every body,
I experience exactly the same behavior, if I want to move the head I have to select “left seat” view instead of “VC”
I just install P3D V4.5 , very last version of P3D if it can helps. I am not sure it was like this with the previous P3D version
in VC view, only zoom in and out are working

Could you try this here and let me know.

That Fixed it. Tamas. Thank you sir :grin:

Thank you very much Tamas, it works perfectly :smile:

Awesome. The patch in up on the website too now.