Bell 222B MSFS / Floating Strobe Light few feets in front the heli?

Loving this new machine to my collection :slight_smile: Makes my choice as to which heli i should fly when i hop in for a flight, the 222B, the 203B are ma favourite, but also loving the 206B when i want to feel like flying a tiny bus :slight_smile: Loving as well the H125, but i do have rushes on the Bell helicopters in general, the H500 i have not yet flew much with it.

Anyways, enough talking about all my lovers stories :stuck_out_tongue: Just came in to bring up a bug that might had been brought on on official forums, or medias. Not sure what it might be, but for me seems to be a flashing point light left right up the nose of the heli, at first i thought it was a reflection in cockpit of a strobe light, but then i noticed while i was in outside view to check how my landing was, that the flashing light is also visible outside, and from the look of it, it seems to be the same height of the strobe light under the tailboom, and a few feet in front the nose of the helicopter.

Also just wondering, will the VR zoom comes in in future time on most Helis, so far i have not seen one that has it, was wondering.

Besides that, thanks for all the good work!

Best Regards,


Haha thanks!! Awesome stuff!

The flashing light was an issue I couldn’t find before I left for vacation.

Flip the beacon lights off then on and it will go away. I was hunting for the mistakes and totally ran out of time. Ugh.

Sorry about that!!

Here is the change log:

hey sir!

Oh please, do not be sorry at all! I am not the kiind of custumer that would blame devs for stuff that myself could not do 1/28th of what you guys can do in the time you do, and i am pretty sure you are not a team as big as any major gaming companies. :slight_smile: I was just saying and not needed any apologize. Let’s blame the ground crew for leaving a beacon light on the nose of the helicopter before going to grab lunch :stuck_out_tongue:

And it was lot of fun, i know felt what my cat feels when i bring her lazer pointer out :stuck_out_tongue: while i was flying my Helicopter, i was trying to chase the red spot with one hand :stuck_out_tongue: joke aside, i am the one that needs to apologize for not seeing this in the change log notes :frowning:

Keep up the good work, and crossing fingers for you guys the new announcement for 2024 will not be a total hell once they clarify stuff more!

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