Bell 206 liveries (Xbox)

Hello CowanSim!

I purchased the helicopter recently and I’m having a great time! The 76 paint job that come with it are a huge bonus but it’s really a struggle to figure out what exactly the livery is on the menu screen as we only have (I think) the registration code. Do you have a list somewhere or can you improve this?

Thx a lot!

Hmm you should be able to see all liveries in the menu. Either in hangar mode or in the aircraft selection list. Microsoft wouldn’t have let me get away with messing that up. I know that since they made me change the dimensions so they fit with the number and image before release. So I winder what the deal is there.

Alright let me try be more specific.

How do I know which livery is what from the menu?

Is C-FASU the french police livery for example?

I’m confused. The screenshot shows the image and the REG# like all of them. What other info is needed? Sorry I just don’t understand what you mean.

The one you chose has a check-mark and is highlighted too.

It’s ok, let me try again :slight_smile:

If you look at the screenshot here.

That’s the menu where you can select your livery right? And there’s 70+ liveries. How do I know that, reading the description under the image:


Is actually a Canadian police livery. How to know that this description code (sorry I don’t know the name) C-FASU = Canadian police and not Japanese Air force livery or south African rescue livery or anything?

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I don’t have detailed descriptions for all the liveries, no. Only what you see and the REG#. Most of them are real so can be looked up online. I don’t even know where they are all from myself, but a REG# can tell you a whole lot. For instance, the prefix. List of aircraft registration prefixes - Wikipedia

And that one in particular…

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Yes, thanks for your patience! I’ll definitely look for it and make a list I will share here if you want. (Will take a bit of time).

Have a good day!

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You are awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here we go, I’ll make a text list as it will be more practical.

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Wow!! You’re awesome man!! That was a lot of work and I really appreciate that. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::helicopter::blush:

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Nice work, you can do it for each Cowansim heli as they have a lot of liveries! I have the md500 and I didnt try all of them