AW139 Xrotors - Addon Hardware

Has anyone utilised add on hardware with the Xrotors AW139 V4.0 yet via Xplane ?

Xplane 11.5 +, and pollypot GIT unable to recognise the aircraft.

All other downloaded rotorcraft work beautifully with multiple Goflight and Leo Bodnar based devices.

Eg Goflight DIO IO is used for annunciator illumination and control of power relays for BATT, AVIONICS busses etc
Yes, real relays, busses, panel lighting etc.
680kg of joy :slight_smile:

Is X-rotors designed for XPUIPC, ie requiring migration to Mobiflight tech.

It does not appear to have customised assignments listed in the Xplane user interface apart from XP standard choices.

Anyone know of any external usb based I/O hardware compatible with this model ?

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