Any Updates from Asobo?

Hi Josh

Just wondering if there has been any news or comments from Asobo/Microsoft on them issuing an update to allow hardware to control the throttle in jet turbine helicopters ?

Watch them for that info. The next sim update was already announced by them. They said August. Will the tools we need be in there? I know ask much as you know. I asked but that doesn’t mean anything. So, we wait and see.

ok thank you lets hoping.

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Hi Josh. Any update on this? Did Asobo come through with an update as expected in August?

They did not. It is still in beta and they planned for Sept 21st. Anything they add will require updates from me to make anything functional. I will not really know if the changes will work until I get back to working on that and release an update. It won’t work out of the box.

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Any update to this post-SU14? Any updates to your helos in progress now?