After the shock: my first thoughts on the MSFS 2024 announcement


That was what I felt when my good friend Drew (Bel Geode) sent me a message saying “MSFS 2024?” with a link.

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What took my interrest was the working sikorsky SkyCrane. One of the Helicopters on my bucketlist to once be able to fly in a simulator.
This one present is for me a go on the spot.
Then allso the cropdusting.
I will be one of the first ones to own this version for sure

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There are lots of great features coming out for us, rotorheads. I am very curious as how it will all turn out.

Now that we know purchased addons will be compatible, I’m really looking forward to the new version.
And as you said, especially since rotorcraft operations are so prominently featured :slight_smile:

Surprisingly (shocking for me) is that v2020 is going to continue on as some sort of separate but related product. Still going to receive updates and features…

I had expected that v2024 would be like X-Plane v11 to v12 - a new version that replaces the old, etc.

Also interesting is that at least some of the addons that are currently made by 3PDs are not made by those 3PDs (e.g., the Beluga, which is NOT from iniBuilds as many of us had presumed).

I suspect all will be presented at Flightsim Expo.
They already hinted that they would make a big announcment then.
On a speculating thought I suspect that a free to roam open to all world would be MSFS 2020 and a more career mode roleplaying would be included of exclusief to MSFS 2024.
And that one can benefit from the other.
However for now too little is known so I don’t want to start the next Hype.
But for sure I will follow this as Sherlock Holmes to discover all the hidden secrets on this topic.