Aerolite 103 Flight Model

I was very happy to see the 103 becoming available in MSFS, having flown and enjoyed it in XP11. The flight model provided however is quite horrid. I have flown many types of GA, vintage and experimental aircraft IRL and have been contemplating investing in a real Aerolite103. If the flight model represented here is anything like in real life I would however consider the aircraft unsafe. It is very difficult to fly it accurately and it seems to wallow all over the place at will. Please assure me this is a mistake!

It not flying, it is rolling! I wan’t not a car, will fly guys.

I payed 19€ for what???

There does not seem to be any input, response or interest from the developers on the forum here, so will just be warning other potential purchasers of the issues. Disappointed Nemeth…