Aerofly FS2 has been updated with the final version of the EC-135

If you own Aerofly FS2 and you’re keen on helicopters, here’s some good news: the new EC-135 for this sim is now out and included in your sim, free of charge!

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Its a nice helicopter…BUT the soundpack is terrible inside and outside. It does not even come close to the real EC-135. Sorry to say, but thats a fact

Well I have flown an EC130 and I would be interested to why you think the EC 135 in this sim is not even close to a real 135, I think the sim version handles very much like anything I have flown of that size in single engine.

I would disagree with you if I had flown an EC135 but given I have not and you have not explained your rather strong comment, could you please explain your opinion in detail as I would like to know your reasons please.



Thank you for your reply, of course i can explain. I also have flown EC-135 T1’s, now i fly the H-145. I was not talking about how realistic this add-on handles. I was talking about the soundpack itself. In, and outside it does not come close to the real sounds of this beautiful helicopter. Of course this is one of the best EC-135 add-on out there. And it feels very close to the real thing. So a better soundpack would be very welcome. In the past i offered them (IPACS) photo’s of our real EC-135 and recorded video’s and soundfiles. But never got a reply. Also i asked them to add the low skits version. This they did after release in a patch witch is amazing. So again, the heli is great except for the soundpack.

I wish you all the best and many great and save flying hours :+1:


I tend to agree about the sound in AFS2, it’s a superb sim for helicopter physics, but the sound in game isn’t done to the same level I feel. Just look at the audio options screen in game to get an idea of how important it is to the devs.

Well guys, I flew the ec135 yesterday. I also did some flights with the msfs2020 one and the laters Rotorsim in X-plane.
I am not a RL pilot, but imho the afs heli feels like a toy compared to the Rotorsim…
Am I missing something? A setting perhaps?