Advice on the JRX Gazelle

Several of you, like me, have the JRX ‘Gazelle’ - a beautifully modeled chopper and tricky to fly correctly. Information provided says to set you’re throttle axis to ‘wing sweep’ and I assigned another axis to ‘collective’ but there must be a better way ‘cause’ it literally jumps off the ground and oscillates fiercely. I’m on the rudder but seems never quite enough. Once I can get some down rotor tilt and gain some headway it settles down but for that short period it’s not a pretty sight - any suggestions/advice gratefully received.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind/check;

  • Are you pulling the collective up slowly?
  • Do you have proper FPS (at least 30FPS, steady)
  • Try changing the amount of flight models per frame. Default is 2, I think. Change it to 4

Let us know.

All that you mentioned seems good but I’ve now lost control (cyclic still works off the stick) response both with my X52 and clicking on them in the cockpit - I can move the throttle lever back and forth but no response on tachometer - likewise the collective, full up nothing. both the torque and rpm gauges are in normal ops range but I’m nailed to the ground. This all from a by the book start.

If you start with the engines running, you have no issues?

What about another helicopter? Do you have problems with any other one?

I saw where ‘Start with engines running’ isn’t recommended in the manual so I’m starting according to the card. engines start fine and rpm indicates as specified however there is no rotation 'til I slightly advance 'throttle/wingsweep. This rotates the blades but also increases torque which is where the glitch lies. Torque rises to the ‘nine o’clock’ position so that when I move the collective the machine becomes a wild thing - lifts momentarily, loses this false torque and dumps back on the ground. Other helicopters are normal with ‘throttle’ as throttle and collective on the same axis as the ‘Gazelle’. My estimate is that advancing ‘wingsweep/throttle’ is providing a false indication of torque which disppears after you introduce collective. I always that that RPM meant something was revolving/rotating - in this case it isn’t the blades.

An update. Decided to abandon the ‘wingsweep’ setting for throttle and made it ‘collective’. Another axis on my X52 (silver slider) is now throttle and with those changes the craft appears to be quite manageable. Also revised the curve on my rudder pedals to reduce the deadzone.

Correction to above - the silver slider is ‘wingsweep’.