A quick look at the Hype Performance Group H160 for MSFS

Hype Performance Group has made quite a name for themselves with the release of their freeware H135 and subsequent H145 for MSFS.

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Hi. Truly looking forward towards this. Purchased the 145 when being developed in the beginning & still am a happy camper w/ her & expect the same for this as well but do agree w/ you in regards to systems being complex. Was reading in another forum (FSelite of the PMDG’s UFT) & couldn’t believe all the whine’s there in regards to a tablet. Seems that they (users/owners) want to do is turn knobs & flip switches forever instead of flying…Just my opinion of course but this is why I’ve left XPlane. Just wanna fly (love challenging weather/real weather tho)…

I can relate with the wish of not just flipping switches but to each their own, right? We’re all different :slight_smile:

Fortunately, there’s plenty of offer to cater for all our needs and wishes!

I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the H160. HPG did a great job!