Your favorite locations to fly

Hi all. I’m looking for opinions as to interesting places (sceneries) to go flying helos. I primarily like to fly Flyinside’s Bell 47G, it’s a real challenge and feels quite realistic. Of course being so underpowered, the B47 doesn’t like anything above 5K feet density altitude.
It’d be nice if we posted various locations for a list that we all can share and enjoy. If you’re game, please tell us about the heli you like to fly at that location.

Hi , I was once a real Bell 47 G3 Sioux Pilot with 900 hrs before graduating to the Gazelle. I enjoy flying at places I knew , based in West Germany and also in Northern Ireland during the “Troubles” . I would suggest that you download extra scenery of places you know from . I also enjoy trying to land in cities like London Paris or Berlin at Hospital Landing spots or in the square in Kiev. Also with the Float version of Bell 47 try flyihg through Tower Bridge and landing next to HMS Belfast or in Venice land oppisite the Doges Palace. If you have a 2nd screen download Little Nev Map and this will help you a lot. I think this sim is the most realistic I have used so far . Happy Landings. Hawkeye

Thanks hawkeye896 :wave:

Two very nice addons for helicopters.

Niagara falls:

North Sea oil rigs: