Xplane Multiplayer

Hello everyone…

I just signed up and I’m not really clear on how this forum works, so bear with me.

I’m interested in flying helicopters with others in Xplane. I have the Quatam River, Machmell, Allan-Burrows, and the New York scenery.

I’m not huge on add-ons and plug ins, and I know doing multi in Xplane takes some tinkering. I’m not sure how to set up the ports on my router, so hopefully someone is familiar with all this.



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Hello, Scarecrow. Welcome to the forums.

There used to be a small group that did some online flights but I think they eventually stopped as people had little time to do it.

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I would be interested in this as well. There just isn’t a lot of time for me right now. Hopefully in the near future. If I can get it to work.

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Cool…I’ve been using the recorder function on JoinFS. You can record yourself flying, save the track and play it back to have another aircraft to fly with. I’m a DCS guy, mostly multiplayer, and this makes Xplane 10X more fun to me. If you install JoinFS, make sure to follow the full install instructions, not the “quick start”. You have a few extra steps with Xplane to install it, but its not difficult.


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Thanks, this could be fun.

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