X-SLINGLOAD for real world training

Hello all,
I am a real world helicopter pilot with extensive vertical reference experience. I don’t have much desktop sim experience and have never used X-plane. I am searching for a platform to use software such as X-Plane with X-slingload and a home cockpit system and VR goggles to use to train pilots in vertical reference longline skills. Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas or comments on the use and viability of existing products to accomplish this? The pendulum physics on the longline is what is important to be recreated accurately. Also important is the realism during hovering. Any feedback is appreciated.

Hello Ken! Welcome to the forums.

Have you taken a look at this article? It may be helpful to you.

Great write up !

I‘m playing with the HSL plugin for X-Plane at the moment (trying to harvest xmas trees).

Unfortunately it is very demanding and so my FPS drop to a range where it‘s really hard to fly. But it has great physics an you can drop the load within a swing and see how it flies to the ground (hopefully into the positioned container) :wink:

At least worth a try. Maybe your computer is more powerful.

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Getting, at least, solid 30FPS is always a requirement to get everything flowing smoothly.