X-Rotors released update for the AW139 or X-Plane

AW139 users, rejoice! It is finally here!

Fulfilling its promise to get back to the AW139 – a strategy which was understandably frowned upon by a lot of community members – X-Rotors has finally released the update for the AW139.

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Cool, Thanks, I downloaded the latest for my mac. unfortunately the HSI sits there with the “not for commercial use:” warning, and the cyclic is not responding. tried all the “turn on” switches I could fine, motor up and running, but no joy. Can anyone help please ?
running on Mac Monteray

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The best options would be to hit up the X-Rotors Discord Server. That’s the fastest way to get support and help for it :slight_smile:

I’d love to be able to fly this bird, but I’m having major issues. First, I had to buy it for a second time as my old account with X Rotors cannot be accessed anymore. (email server dropped my account because I wouldn’t upgrade to their premium.) Then, I didn’t know my first credit card didn’t handle overseas transactions, so it was declined. Second card went through, but now X Rotors installer keeps telling me I have an invalid email or product key. I tried to email them, I have absolutely no idea how to use discord, so it looks like I’m out of luck, and out an additional $31 bucks.
X Rotors is well on their way to getting a very, very bad review in my book.

Any luck in getting a reply from them? It seems like they are using Discord for support but I don’t believe they would abandon email support at all.

Still nothing. This is getting frustrating. I really wanted to see how good the update went, but I’m not buying it a third time when they should be able to fix the problem.

Figured out how to use Discord, and left them a message, and still have not heard back. I’m seriously thinking of asking for a refund, since I can’t activate the aircraft, and it seems they’re not interested in fixing it.

After two weeks of trying to get the helicopter activated, X-Rotors finally unlocked it a couple days ago. I know this was supposed to be an upgrade of the 4.0 version, but I honestly can’t tell the difference, other than they replaced the pilot. I’m thinking of begging Joshua Cowan to think about an AW-139 for his next build.

I’m glad you got it sorted. There’s a changelog with all that was fixed and improved. Have you gone through it and see if you find any differences on those areas?

Greetings, sadly i have the same issue, and i can’t joy with the AW139 by X-rotors; but, i dont know wich is the server for X-rotors. Please your help with this!

bind force trim to a joystick button to unlock lock the cyclic