X-Plane Features Request - Voting


I am not sure if everyone is aware of the current X-Plane Feature requests and voting that is currently taking place. This is an excellent opportunity to request and vote for features important to helicopters in X-Plane.


I have already added a request for better power lines. Please vote and support for features important to helicopter operations.


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Thanks for the heads-up, @Fritz!

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Thanks! Good to see Laminar are in touch with the community.

On the other hand, seeing what the average user seems to care most about really makes me despair. Cosmetic stuff like rain on the windscreen, pretty clouds or fancy lighting effects gets the most votes. Maybe I should code up a Pretty Landscape Generator and get rich.

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Don’t forget where most of the community comes from. Airliner pilots are pretty well served. There’s not a lot more that they can ask for except graphics, very honestly.

True. Airliner pilots do not care about powerlines or related items that make low level flying nicer for us.

Some of the features they require are actually valid for us as well. I was flying into an airport in Switzerland with the new MSFS and I was amazed by how well they modelled fog moving in. Blew my mind how real it was. :exploding_head:

Love the idea of a “Pretty Landscape Generator.”

Main rotor overpitch low-rpm would be nice. More retreating blade stall, too. Sometimes I think X-Plane also overdoes engine power and underdoes aircraft mass & inertia.

MSFS 2020 has certainly pointed out two of XP’s major lacks - WATER and CLOUDS but, as long as Austin is focused on the ‘big bucks’ clients, things will remain fairly piece meal below the salt.