X-Plane 11 Helicopters Crashes on Startup

X-Plane 11 Helicopters Crash on Startup.

When I start X-Plane choosing the Helicopter startup at Ground Level; When the Game is loaded the Helicopter is several inches above the ground, the Helicopter then falls to the ground hitting it hard and the Helicopter will not fly.

I have tried different airports and the results are the same.

I hope someone knows how to fix this.

Thank you.

With which helicopter are you having this issue? All of them?

Hi Sergio,
Yes, all helicopters upon scenery startup are loaded a few inches above ground.

None of the helicopters are on the ground upon scenery startup.

I have finally found my way to X-Plane.com support and I have emailed them.

Next I will try is to load the helicopter at perhaps 1,000 feet altitude.

At this time I have to wait to try anything because I have removed the seat from the brackets from my cockpit , took some measurements to have two raised metal brackets in order to have my seat at a propter height to the Cyclic, also will have proper height to the Collective and pedals.

Let us know if Laminar tells you anything. It’s a weird issue. I’ve never seen that happen except with scenery packages that had problems.

Hi Sergio,
Laminar has released a new X-Plane 11 update and I updated mine.
I have sent Laminar pictures of different random airports plus airports with helicopter pads before the recent update and after the recent update.

Helicopter start up scenery with the helicopters between building walls, next to building walls with house roofs directly above the helicopters rotors and rotors, Helipads where half of the helipads are inside of buildings or half cut off by a runway.

I never expected this from X-Plane seeing how many years it has been on the market.

Do a search with " Heli Pad"

Scroll up to the very first airport at the top of the list.

Launch the scenery, The helicopter pad is half cutoff by the airport runway.

Go back to the airport selection and randomly select other airports with heli pads and launch the scenery.

You should be experiencing what I am experiencing.

I am still experiencing problems with my helicopters on scenery startup up.

Thank you Sergio

HI Sergio,
There is another problem with X-Plane 11 and that is the Real Time Weather.

I have randomly selected many airports to fly in Real Time Bad Weather.

I see Clear Weather, Scattered Weather, Stormy Weather.

I have flown in airports with Real Time Scattered Weather and in Real Time Stormy Weather.

None of them display Rain of any form, or snow in any form, or lightning of any form, or any combinations of them in any form.

It only displays, overcast shadows of various forms.

The Winds appears to be only in one direction and not sparse or turbulent.

It may be also the helicopters are not flying with the correct helicopters flight model or flight characteristics.

Thank you Sergio.

I completely missed this post.

Real weather is a bit of a hit and miss in X-Plane. There are some addon solutions out there (none of which I use since I usually set up weather as per the conditions I want to fly in) that seem to work pretty nicely. Some of them are a bit of a FPS hog, though.

HI Sergio,
Laminar Research have gone silent!

In X-Plane 11 do a search for Heli Pad.

Now randomly select airports with Heli Pads and take time to go through a few of them in the list.

You will see helicopters on a helipad inside of buildings, inside forests, next to buildings with roofs over the helicopter rotors. Etc.

One Airport the helipad is under the Ocean and the helicopter is floating on top of the ocean in the middle of nowhere.

Any one who owns X-Plane 11 will see the issues I have been describing.

Also the Airport from which I live close to is the Billy Bishop Airport which use to be called the Toronto Island Airport is missing the basic land marks such as the famous CN Tower plus the Sky Dome now renamed the Rogers Center.

Sergio go to your local Airport and see if too is missing the most basic famous land marks. The Weather in x-Plane sucks! However the weather plugins I have posted make it much better.

Microsoft not being prepared in having released the helicopters from previous Simulators in this latest 2020 version is repulsive and irresponsible.

Thank You Sergio.