Whats next?

I had a fairly long hiatus to Flight Sim in general, especially helos. Recently I have gotten back into it after building a new gaming PC with P3D. I picked up the MV 407, 530 and re downloaded the Nemeth A109.

There doesn’t appear to be alot of development for and new birds in P3D, mostly Xplane. I have considered making the jump but its seems like a big investment with MFS 20 coming. Im hopeful Helicopters will be coming to MFS.

So Im curious is there anything coming down the pipe or is everyone going to hold off for MFS 20 development. Any word on new Projects from Nemeth?

Hi @Ryanmlt1. There’s no word on development for the new MSFS as the developers don’t even have access to the SDK. Also, Microsoft has not added helicopters to the sim yet, which they will only do after the initial release. It’s still way too early.

Regarding X-plane, there are a few projects out there. If you take a look at the X-Plane section of HeliSimmer.com, you’ll find those news: https://www.helisimmer.com/x-plane