What’s your opinion about the various MSFS helicopter flight models?

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I am very curious to hear your opinions on the various flight models currently available for MSFS (Hype performance group, Airland, Fly-inside).
Which flight model is most true to life? How do they compare to the flight models in DCS and X-plane.

I am not a helicopter pilot irl but I want the most authentic experience in sim. Therefor I committed to the helicopters in DCS a long time ago.
I have tried every helicopter model currently available for MSFS but each one feels bumpy and like I’m stuck on rails…none of them come close to the flight model in DCS. But that’s my layman opinion.
I am curious what the opinion is of real world pilots.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Helicopters will be true to life realistic by end of 2022 According to ASOBO.

I have flown Robinson and Huges 300 in real life
The Airbus in MSFS flies very well. It is powerful, robust, and forgiving.

The Flyinside Bell 47 is true to its form, flimsy, slow and under-powered.
It is easy to lose control with too much torque or speed >80 knot.
However, the bubble canopy makes this absolutely the best helicopter in MSFS for sight seeing. Nothing else can fly so slow and gives you a panoramic view of the world in front of you.
I suggest use the easiest setting.
The other annoying thing is the sun reflection off the transparent canopy.
If you fly in cloudless sunny days, the reflections are distracting.
I suggest changing the weather to full but light cloud cover in order to enjoy reflection-free sight seeing.

The Robinson 66 in MSFS is beautifully detailed but very difficult to fly as the I don’t know how to configure the sensitivities.
The helicopters especially the Robinson 66 and Hughes 500 in X plane are all beautiful to fly

Likewise, the Helicopters in DCS are also nice to fly.

However, when it comes to visually real flying experience, it is hard to beat MSFS.
The current add on models are fine. OSOBO cannot model fixed wing aircraft in MSFS, so I don’t hold much hope for their modelling of helicopters.

Hope this is useful.

Really?..that’s great news. I’m curious to see if MSFS might become the “goto” helicopter sim in the future…

Thanks for your reply…and those usefull tips about the Bell 47…I should spend some more time learning that helicopter.
You seem to have a very nice setup. The movieclip of the Hughes 500 at Lukla almost looks like you are inside the helicopter.

The trick for getting an immersive experience is to get as big a monitor as you can.

I use a 60 inch 4k TV.

Also, if you adjust the weight and balance of the helicopter and shift the COG forward a little, you can make the Bell 47 fly straight and level at about 60 kts totally hand-free, like on auto-pilot. You can then change camera angle and enjoy the scenery, using the slightest input in the paddles to change direction. The flight over Venice is made with the helicopter on auto flight.

I absolutely love the Bell 47 in VR in MSFS. On full realism it takes a bit of getting used to but it feels every bit as accurate as anything from DCS or XP11 to me.

Thank you Kittyhawk!

Great tip moving the CG forward in the Flyinside Bell 47. Much better to fly now.

Although your hands free cruise at 60 kts I could not replicate in realistic mode. What CG to you use exactly?

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Thanks for the tip about CG. I moved it forward a bit (to “0” position, whatever it means), and everything suddenly became more easy.