Welcome to the new ND forum

Welcome to our new forum here at HeliSimmer. And thank for Sergio for providing us a section here. For the time being we will use this board as our primary discussion/feedback platform. Alternatively, you can still use our email addresses for direct contact

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good to see you guys here! your models were some of my favorites in my FSX days.

Welcome to the forums! Thank you very much for joining us. I hope this will help you get closer to the community.

Good to be here. Seems to be a nice community here so hopefully this will help us get more connected and get more feedback which is essential.

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Hiya Tomas,
Nice to see you guys back. I have an idea for the next helicopter possible for the {NDA} platform in the future… PM me when you ger a chance.

Hi there,

What would be that idea? :slight_smile:

no one to date has Developed the Bell 505 yet :shushing_face:
Also are you guys considering making the fleet compatible with the new sim?

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Yes, the Bell 505 is a beautiful helo. From the developer’s perspective those huge glass gauges are terrifying. :wink:

Do you happen to have access to one of these?

And yes, as soon as we have some kind of SDK for it we can take a look what it would take to convert some of the helos to the new FS. But till no, zero info on these kind of stuffs.

unfortunately no Tamas.

When can we get the new Heli?

I has been release just a few hours earlier. Please check our website.