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@FlyAgi Hey there! I will have to send you a coupon code through messenger or email. :slight_smile:

@FlyAgi When you “order” with the coupon code and download you can start digging away at my code LOL. You will notice I have added your force trim under 222UT_force_trim in xlua. I added some code for animations on the cyclic and the collective box. Just some custom commands and datarefs and the animation code to get started. I already changed all the other command names and everything is added to the OBJs. I was just wanting you to fine tune it or add anything that we might need. I’ve read up on how the systems work but thought you would be the man to make it shine! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance. Let me know when you want that code to download @ http://cowansim.com

My email for the coupon (in case you miss my last message over on the org):



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EMAIL SENT :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I got it. :slight_smile:

After a first quick flight starting running (and having alook into your checklist about setting up the engines for take off) your 222 feels very good to me. Sounds are very good and detailed, performance is fine, the aircraft looks amzing and flies very well. I also used the force trim and your setup seems to work as expected, from my point there is no furher tuning required - but I’m flying with a weak gamepad lacking a proper stick center position so I would ask testers with better joystick equipment if they see some over oder under reaction after engaing the force trim. If it exactly holds attitude (if straight and level and speed already established) it’s just right but I can’t judge this for 100% as my controls always add some input because of the never neutral stick center.

Some observations so far:

  1. There is no pilot visible in exterior view
  2. The interior window reflections are a bit strong, some parts of the cockpit are almost blocking the view through the windows in certain situations
  3. Sounds are not fmod (fine for me as they are much better than 99% of fmod packages I know of, I’m starting to believe fmod is a bad sound engine aside from 3D sound effects)

Overall it’s very well done helicopter and one of the best for X-Plane already.

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@FlyAgi Wow, your view is very much appreciated! And your contribution of force trim code is too! I will finish coding the on/off and that should be good. I was thinking similar code or some tweaking could set up the auto trim as well? That’s my next mission.

I’ve been working on a pilot model for a while and just haven’t finished it yet. We will see how good that looks when done :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Funny it’s been the hardest part LOL.

I will have to do some testing with reflections. I admit it is a bit distracting and then looks amazing in other situations. I need to find a good balance with that.

The sounds are SASL as you probably noticed. Almost 1,700 lines of code so far :slight_smile: I still have a lot I want to add to the sounds. It seems like it never ends. But I do like the direction it’s heading. FMOD is a future learning experience for me. I really enjoy the coding style but FMOD seems to be the standard.

The future is bright for this heli as it will be an ever evolving project. Thanks million for your review and time!

What exactly do you want to do for the force trim on/off? For me it’s working with assigning all the buttons as intended but I wonder what the cockpit switch does - is it related to this switch so trimming is enabled just using this button? If I get this right it’s quite easy, you just have to create a command which sets the force trim to on and initializes some default values (have to look into the code to figure out the needed parameters but this is just some lines of simple code).

The auto trim I think is a whole different story as I expect this to be some kind of attitude hold which is something else but in theory even simpler than the force trim. All you need is a dataref telling you the attitude which get’s monitored so trim corrections are made on changes. This mode also needs to override the force trim pitch hold logic.

Regarding fmod you can easily use it together with your SASL code - your code triggers events and fmod plays the sounds for you but fmod can be a bit of a hassle (I contributed some sound works to the AOA Osprey and RV-8 so I know what this is about). Anyway, I would recommend to do this once all the really important stuff is done as your sounds are very good and porting to fmod will need a significant amount of time, especially for testing. What you hear in the fmod software often is not what you hear in X-Plane, this discrepancy can be really annoying.

I will continue testing the Bell and report back if I find something and, if you need some help with coding or maybe painting some liveries (or everything else but 3D modelling) I think I can possibly help you out with this.


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As far as I can remember, the switch on the collective just turns on/off the entire force trim circuitry. I will have to double check that but I’m 99% positive that is the way it works.

The auto trim is a whole different animal and like you said, I think it will be even easier. I will have to double check all of that too. It’s been a while since I read through that part of the manual. I think it just kind of keeps everything level. I definitely need to re-read that part.

FMOD really sounds like a chore to me. I looked into it a few times and noticed the struggle people seems to have and since I was knees deep in SASL I just ignored it. Maybe someday for a future aircraft.

I have a paint kit made up, I would say it’s about done. I will upload it to the website download files today and get back with you. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the help!

@FlyAgi The paint kit should be in your account for downloading now. If not you can reuse the coupon code. But it should be there already. :slight_smile:

Donwloading… :slight_smile:

I just found the paintkit is not included in the download, there is just a descirption text at the download page indicating the paintkit is part of the download but in the zip file it’s missing.

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So you see this right? And you mean the folder is empty? I cannot recreate that. There should be a Photoshop folder and a GIMP folder in the 222UT_Paint_Kit folder. Everything downloads fine on my end.

Since the files are under one product it names them the same. So that looks confusing. Maybe I will change that around.

Okay, I just have one donwload link so I should buy it again to get the second link?

@FlyAgi Sorry the delayed message. You might have to use the coupon code again for it to show up.

Thank you - it’s working now. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, you’re welcome :slight_smile: